Klafs' Sauna


Biorhythm Sauna Private Edition was built by Klafs, bringing the concept of Biorhythm Design Studio to life. The limited edition designed sauna is equipped with organic shapes and smooth transitions. This is implemented through revolving lamellae combining reflectiveness with a multi-sensory atmosphere. Furthermore, climbing plants are illustrated on the white background of the cabin that overlap with the inside and continue through the glass door.

The distinctive design of Biorhythm was chosen deliberately to approach a diverse target audience, which can also be seen at the Designhotel Roomers in Frankfurt. The entire interior of the sauna is carved out of wood and combines materials, forms and lighting as one. The communicative concept focuses on human well-being and putting emphasis on the visual to the customer that Schweiger and Klafs, to this day, place value on.

The holisitic approach of the Biorhythm Sauna Private Edition is amplified through two body-shaped lying surfaces which was built in the style of lamellae as well. A newly constructed furnace system enables infusions within the sauna. The Biorhythm Lighting completes the architectural staging.