Cocoon Club


The CocoonClub was created as an avant-gardist playground for the transformation of space and perception. In an interdisciplinary process 3deluxe shaped all elements into a holistic space where architecture, graphic elements as well as media and web design influence each other alternatively.

The perforated wall area of the triangular main room brings a permeable cell membrane to mind, through who’s opening the visitor stream passes. Due to its multi-layer construction and surface structure, it is the most significant architectural element of the club. Onto the wall area a moving 360° projection is radiated, which can be synchronized with the DJ set in real time.

13 capsular micro spaces percolate the membrane wall and enable a visual connection between the calm outside area and the vivid inner area. They are modern loges, which allow the private condition of cocooning within a semi-public environment. Several of these Cocoons possess a luxurious interior and they can be reserved exclusively.

The most striking element of the CocoonClub is the imposing white DJ booth. From its elevated position DJ and VJ orchestrate the multimedia presentation of the space.

The CocoonClub was awarded the Grand Prix in the category “Das gute Netzwerk” in 2005

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