Cocoon Micro


The interior of the Micro captivates through the linear layout of the cubic furnishing and the consistent use of dark wood. Particularly, the surfaces made from bamboo fascinate with their graphic texture and partly relief-like formation.

A space filling pattern of silver glass fiber tubes hanging from the ceiling put an additional emphasize on the geometry of the design. To break up the linear strictness, this so-called thread matrix is overlaid by a complex medial ornamentation. The beamer projections move in unison to the music and illustrate in this way the varying three-dimensional sound spaces that the DJ is creating at the same time. They visualize the musical dramaturgy of the evening.

Within the closely hanging threads some areas have been left open that contain quadratic tables and settees for 88 persons in total. In this way a physical but not visual separation of the suites has been created which retains the open character of the room. Nevertheless, a private atmosphere is developing within these booths that facilitates the communication with the person sitting next to you. Softly shimmering glass objects create an atmospheric table illumination.

The glass entrance allows deep insights through the membrane wall into the interior of the adjoining CocoonClub.

The CocoonClub was awarded the Grand Prix in the category “Das gute Netzwerk” in 2005 by the German Designer Club and received the “Sinus – Systems Integration Award” in the category “Entertainment” by the Messe Frankfurt.

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