Cocoon Silk


Inside the BedRestaurant Silk dining has been lifted to an artfully staged ceremony in imitation of Asian as well as antique cuisine. The guests enter an impressive reception room where they can exchange their shoes with textile footwear. The Asian inspired ritual emphasizes the private atmosphere of the exclusive restaurant and hints at an exceptional gastronomy experience. From the entree the visitors are guided to eight large reclining areas which are separated by semi-transparent gaze curtains. On the soft cushion elements up to nine persons can comfortably sit or lie. The exquisite dishes and drinks are offered on precious glass trays and can be placed in the repository areas in the circumferential backrests of the beds. Changing light in pink hues projected on the white creates a harmonic ambiance which has a positive effect on the guests’ well-being. Delicate metal ornaments are placed between the double layers of the fabric panels and result in a delightful eyecatcher. The Far Eastern touch of the sound experience delivered by the DJ is perfectly in tune with the tasteful sensations of the European Asian haute cuisine.

The CocoonClub was awarded the Grand Prix in the category “Das gute Netzwerk” in 2005 by the German Designer Club and received the “Sinus – Systems Integration Award” in the category “Entertainment” by the Messe Frankfurt.

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