Cyperhelvetia Expo 2 - Glass Sculpture


In imitation of traditional Swiss baths, the “Cyberhelvetia” pavilion at the Expo.02 was designed as a place of personal encounter and communication. Communication can nowadays take place in various ways independent of place and language. Even a common bath doesn’t need real water anymore: A blue gleaming glass cuboid replaces the actual swimming pool – the exposition visitors dove headfirst into a multilayer atmosphere of a virtually enhanced reality and bathed in light and sound.

The so-called pool was filled with “virtual water” which had been conjointly enriched with imaginative life forms by the visitors on site and through the Internet. The mutual interaction between people on site and virtually present and the digitally generated creatures produced constantly changing atmospheric appearances projected to the pool surface almost created the impression of a living organism. The virtual water was subject to changes of the weather and reacted to the data of the meteorological station on the pavilion roof. Just like the Bieler Lake, the artificial water surface of the pool changed its appearance during the course of a day depending on the season and connected the artificial with the nature as well as the virtual with the tangible.  

On the surface and on the sides of the glass cuboid various interactive game installations created a unique way of connection between visitors.

In 2003 the „Cyberhelvetia“ was awarded the bronze medal of the Art Directors Club Deutschland in the category “Kommunikation im Raum”.