D’Fly’s intensive laboratory-like atmosphere unfolds its fascination already at the first glimpse through the shop window. Its almost completely white showroom appears to be an artificial implant in the landmarked old building on 47 Greene Street which is typical for Soho. This optical irritation has been enhanced by the pneumatic sounds of the 16 remote-controlled showcases which evoke an industrial high-tech ambience at the initiation of the opening mechanism. With the help of artificial muscles, the heavy glass covers have been lifted 40 cm high which enabled access to the selected jewelry assortment.

The front third contained was covered by a voluminous ramification of genetic architecture and contained a small lounge which gave the factual surroundings a hint of comfort and charm. The diagonal front of the opposing reception area lead customers to the central segment of the room where the focus was solely on the representation of the goods. Here the lighting changed to a demure product-oriented illumination. The try on area on the other hand was accentuated by genetic architecture and moving, colorful light. It obtained its special charm through a bamboo garden that had been integrated into the back wall.