Leonardo Glass Cube


After the realization of numerous temporary architectures and the development of virtual architectural concepts, the Leonardo Glass Cube is the first realized building of 3deluxe. On the site of Westphalian company glaskoch, which is selling glass products worldwide under the brand “Leonardo”, a significant piece of corporate architecture has been created. The Leonardo Glass Cube now shapes as a central element the communicative appearance of the whole brand. As atmospheric brand world the Glass Cube conveys in an inspiring way the company’s philosophy and vision to guests and employees alike. The surface of 1,200 square meters distributed over 2 floors, allows for an open layout, a seamless and flexible usage of product presentation zones, seminar and conference rooms as well as areas for work and recreation.

The glass facade of the building acts as an intersection to a hypernatural, aesthetically inflated world: The transparent print edges into the subtly visible image plane from the inside as well as the outside. The pictured graphically modified elements have been adapted from architecture and the surrounding landscape and create a subtle picture puzzle that reflects its actual archetype.

The constructional structure consists of two contrasting elements: a geometric stringent ashlar-formed shell and an organically shaped interior at the center. The wavelike shaped white wall area encloses an internal exposition area and confines on the other side an external light-flooded circuit along the glass façade. Three sculptural white structures, so-called “genetics”, connect the different building zones with each other. The artistic motive of the “genetics” reappears as a two-dimensional shape at the glass façade: Superimposed pillars find their continuation in a net of white cement, which surrounds the whole building and merges it with its habitat.

On the inside the upper and lower level are connected at the center by bridges that cross in air. When entering the Glass Cube, the space not only opens up horizontally but also above and below to the visitor. On both floors wall continuum creates alcoves, which are used for special purposes. The lines of the curved wall area become especially apparent at the numerous openings and passages as a striking design element, which finds its continuation at the ceiling in the shape of ventilation joints. Dynamic artificial lighting and daylight entering through the pastel colored façade create touches of color within the pure white interior and result in a constant atmospheric change.

The Leonardo Glass Cube has been awarded with the following prizes:

- DP3D – The German prize for three-dimensionality, Goldene Flamme, category 'Corporate Architecture’
- DDC competition 'Gute Gestaltung 07’, gold medal, category 'Room’

- AIT Best of Shop Architecture Award, 1. place
- ADC competition, award, category 'Communication in room’

- iF communication design award, Gold, category 'Corporate Architecture’
- International Architecture Award, Best New Global Design 
- red dot design award, Best of the Best, category 'Design/Public Space’
- The Ring - iC@ward, Grand Award, category 'Exhibition’

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