Scape expo 2000


The office internal discussion of a potential landmark for the Expo 2000 lead to the creation of the virtual architecture “visionscape”. The discourse about computer generated architecture which was prevailing at the turn of the millennium suggested to represent the Expo through a corresponding symbol. The design appeals to the endless dimensions of virtuality in an ironic way: The bud-like shape of “visionscape” grows up to a height of two kilometers above the Expo area. Within a 4,000 sqm exhibition hall the interactive experience landscape “scape” transformed the immaterial construction into an extract that could be physically experienced in real life.     

The topic that had been defined within the frame of the cultural and event program intended to inspire teenagers to an experimental handling of new media. “scape” designed as a multi-layer perception area that allowed for physical and virtual experiences at the same time: Inside several thematically different lounges visitors could change their surroundings through interactive installations. Some of these interfaces connected the real surroundings of „scape” with the virtual communication area “” which transferred this project to a globally accessible platform.

The arrangement of real and virtual architecture is based on the conceptual approach “genetic architecture” which has been realized for the first time in a constructional way with this project. The textile structures that appear to be organic have been created in imitation of computer simulated growth processes. They symbolize the increasing convergence between biology and technology.

During the world exposition several club events took place at the “memory lounge”. The highlight of these events was the “final event” on October 31, 2000. The DJ sets of Ken Ishi in Tokyo, Sven Väth in Hannover and Kit Clayton in San Francisco have been broadcasted in real time on the Internet in video and audio format. The audience in front of the exposition hall could witness the session projected onto 25 m tall water screens whose liquid matrix was partly nebulized by wind and symbolized the fleetingness of medial events.

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